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This morning’s sunrise was the kind that makes you want to stare into the sun. It could have easily passed for a sunset but the hope and integrity it emanated was on the rise and not on an ebb. It’s amazing the colors that the sky can make.

There was a young sistah on the train, sitting in front of me. Every now and again she’d look up from her book but have this horrid sneer on her face. After a while of thinking this to myself, I looked at what she was reading. Music. Learning about music and theory and the notes and silences were strewn about the page. And it opened up a new world of imagining who she was. Did she go to LaGuardia, like I was unable to? Maybe she had the genius of Mozart and the sneer on her face was the conflict in her mind of how to get it all together to present to the world. All of this talent… What a maddening conundrum. No wonder most geniuses are a little insane.


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