Back from the Dead

Categories: catching up, figuring it out

They’re back. And I’ve been really quiet. Because I don’t know exactly how I feel about it. I felt so worried about them because they were gone and I was lonely. But now that they’re back the familiar worry that I always had has set back in. I had forgotten how it felt momentarily. But very good to see and hold them. Although they bring with them news of death and saddness. Uncle Rene has “no hope”. The cancer cells have coated EVERY organ, except his heart which is beating strong. The brain is gone, the liver and the pancreas… everything… And his kids won’t take him off. And the only thing keeping him alive is the respirator. What an uncomfortably horrible and familiar pain. And so all of our conversations were engrossed in death.

And on to life… my baby and i briefly touched on the subject today. There will have to be a longer discussion soon. But until then… it’s the wait until this weekend when we actually test.

I watched another great movie tonight… “Serendipity” It was truly touching. There was an interesting statement in there. The Greeks never wrote obituaries. Rather upon their death, one question was asked of the person who passed: “Did he have Passion?”



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