Sunset on the 7

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I’m watching the stupidest movie

“The Sweetest Thing” with Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate. It’s like… stupid. It started off with a message that I thought I needed to hear about dating not so much being about mind games but about boundaries. But it turned into just a slap stick stupid kind of comedy. But I was all drawn in so I just watched it to the end anyways.

Today was quiet. I put together the job description and finished up some work on some sites. Today is empty. Devoid of anything special. That’s fine. I need days like this to appreciate days that are over charged with excitement or sadness. Let’s see… 3 things that made me smile today: Last night I spent the evening on the phone with my brother going over fun music from back in the day. So I found some songs I haven’t listened for a while. He was letting me listen to them on his IPOD today. That made me smile


Someone said that Jessica reminded them of me when I was a kid. That made me smile.

And the sunset tonight… that made me smile. There’s a picture of it from the 7 train platform. It was beautiful.

Off to sleep.


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