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What I felt (and still feel) in my SOUL:

You know… the one God put there? (not counting collaborations on other albums)

The New Workout Plan
Jesus Walks
Two Words
Heard ‘Em Say
Drive Slow
Hey Mama (I ALWAYS shed an instant tear)
I Wonder
Flashing Lights
Everything I Am
Say You Will (you even made a gospel version to promote the Jesus is King Movie)….


Black Skinhead

nothing from the life of pablo (except for i love kanye because it’s how I used to feel)

Ghost Town

nothing from kids see ghosts.

and NOTHING from Jesus is King.

Yeah, I listened to it.   Because no one will dictate for me what I do or don’t sample for my life. PERIODT. I want to know for myself. 

I rocked with Kanye for way longer than I should have.   In my head, Kanye is the ex that I keep tabs on because I know when we broke up he was mad unstable, but I had to do what I needed to do for me.   But I’d tune in to be sure the God still had a hand in his creativity.  It’s the only place that he’s ever been whole.  Even beyond his de-anchoring in the passing of my Soror Donda.   I know what losing your mom can do to you.  I can’t even imagine what it’s like when she supported him like she did and was the only stable presence of parenting he could reference.

But the review I have to give for this… “album”… how DARE you be lazy Kanye?  With this GIFT.  You had a chance to praise God in a pure and unadulterated way with the amazing gift he gave you.  The gift to move folks.  To make them feel something.  To bring them to tears.   At the very least give them musical frisson.   But… THIS is the album you go limp on????  Every track was just…. lazy.   You didn’t even try.  You thought to hide behind the multitudinous layers of the choir harmonizing that you could come off as … prolific?  faithful? inspiring?   No.   I felt… NOTHING.  I was waiting to catch the spirit in the unique way that I do when I hear a song praising HIS name that moves me.   I wanted the goosebumps.  I wanted to stop and say to myself… you found it Kanye…. you found HIM and a way to bring HIM to the masses just like you always should have.   But no.   it feels more like a stunt than ever because on this important piece… you sat back on your haunches.   Yeah.  This is it for me.  I wanted to believe there was more.  But… maybe you exhausted it all as it came to you over the years and now you’re just trying to bleed a stone dry.   I just wish you weren’t exhausted for THIS one.

Others who don’t know you as well and are just happy that you’re “lifting” his name will probably defend you.  But I know what you’re capable of.   And you did NONE of that on this album. I kept waiting for that emotion.   That connection.  That AWWW YEAH and DAMN RIGHT!!  But it never came.  So truly it’s time I move on. You’re on a whole other  path that I can’t justify for myself.  Even for the brief check-in.  Much bigger things I need to be doing with my own gifts.   Including the gift of time.

I really hope you find peace though.  You’ve brought it to so many.   Myself included.  T’would be a shame if you couldn’t harvest it for yourself.  

Peace, Kanye.



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