Fitbits, Cookouts and Auntie Visits (Days 8 & 9)

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Going good since the doctor’s visit.  I’ve decided to go the liquid protein route for at least a week before incorporating some soft foods.  So I have vats of this protein powder (Isagenix Australia) that I had been using at the beginning of last year that was really good.  Low carb, low fat, high protein and when I was using it for that diet I lost quite a bit. (BioTrust is the brand name).   So I have one in the morning for breakfast, drink my liquids throughout the day and then have one for dinner.  It hasn’t been too bad.  I just have to mentally fight my natural propensity to sample things throughout the day.  I’ve also been doing great canceling the rationalization to eat certain things… or tell myself that I could somehow chew something fine enough to swallow it and not have it make a difference.

I got my Fitbit on Friday and have been wearing it diligently ever since.  I like it a lot especially because i can wear it in the shower / rain whatever.  Makes it more convenient to just always have it on and i do love the constant counting versus my phone which only counts if I’m holding it.  Seeing the numbers at the end of the day really make me feel like I’m accomplishing a lot more than I think I am.

Saturday was another pre-planned thing I knew I was going to have to attend.  The hubby’s chapter cookout.  *sigh*  It’s at the beach so I committed myself to spending more time at the surf than by the mushrooms where everyone was gathered and eating.  Which worked for a little while.  But the day was overcast and the water wasn’t really warm so I couldn’t stay there very long.  Back to the mushrooms I went and sipped my water as the smells from the grill wafted over and plate after plate was made and paraded in front of me.  I’m proud that I didn’t try to sample anything.  I did try to talk myself into mashing some mac and cheese really good so it would be LIKE a porridge.  But I got past that.  The funny thing was, I was hanging with a few of my long time friends during that time and one of them was GOING. IN. on the food.  I mean… she never wasn’t eating.  She never wasn’t drinking something alcoholic.  She was just non stop.  To the point where I was nervous for her… she’d never been like THAT…. or had she been?  And I was just… right there with her in the past – maybe worse – eating and drinking up a storm?  Is that what I looked like? I thought to myself.  It definitely made me stick to my plan even more.

So my “Auntie” is in town.  Which SUCKS.  Aside from bad cramps on night one, it wasn’t worse than pre-band.  I waited for the whole “your organs swell” thingy to affect me, but this time around it didn’t.  I’m looking forward to the scale registering that I lost more weight once it’s gone (bye bye water…).

My glue is starting to fall off and expose the wounds / stitches.  So I’m taking special pains to make sure I take care of them so they don’t scar too bad. I keloided pretty bad on my lateral c-section scar, I just want to limit how much scarring they would show.

On to week 2!



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