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I choose to be consistent and get positive lasting and effective results.
I am healthy and stay that way by eating well and exercising.
I am breathtakingly beautiful inside and out and the whole world can see it.
I am passionate, desirable and absolutely indispensable to anyone who crosses paths with me.
I am innovative and quick witted with talents that anyone would benefit from harnessing.
The voids of the past are fulfilled and I am whole and functional.
I am a great, fearless, engaging mother.
I am a loyal, loving, involved friend.
I am a lover dedicated to pleasing my mate any way I know how.
I have liquid assets in the bank to sustain my family indefinitely and enjoy the wealth that we have fostered.
I make wise decisions about my career and wealth potential and always put my family’s future and my own career path first.
I am determined to make positive changes in my life and therefore affecting positivity in the lives of people I touch.
I have loving, fun, loyal friends who cherish my company and attention and I theirs.
I am unstoppable once I put my mind to what I want and I always achieve the goals I work for.
I am youthfulness personified.
I pay my blessings forward and work to give back to the universe that has been abundant.

I am myself in every breath that I breathe; with every step; every thought in my mind and with every hea`rtbeat and THAT?





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