Beat of Life

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The Beat of Life

I want to take a moment to recognize the beatmakers of the world. They’re a special kind of person. Whereas we’re just listening for meaning to the words and sounds around us… they’re listening for creation. They’re listening for the essence and then the remix of that creation. How to flip it on it’s side and make us hear it and feel about it differently. Yes, they put it together in such a way to make our booties shake and our heads bop… but they have that 3rd dimension of aural understanding… that makes it so they can hear the beat (and double entendre) in someone saying “Your instrument is very impressive” and put that to a solid hip hop beat. Or lines from a favorite movie that had an inert rhythm that you wouldn’t have noticed till laid over some drums and guitar. They make us feel… they make us move… and they keep us in time.

Thank you beat makers…

Couple of clips of my favorites right now… Original Stuff – *hearing DJ Clue in the background*




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