So Good…

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So Good…

So… I’ve resigned myself to knowing that my kids will have supernatural powers and might be able to speak several alien languages – because my husband is NOT from this planet.

There’s no need for me to go into the details here because the list would run on forever – but he’s managed to BLOW MY MIND again… It was totally out of the blue. He does NOTHING the way typical earthling men do. He is EXTRAORDINARY! There is no other way to phrase it. I find myself thinking silly little girl thoughts like – “he’s too good for me.” But too many times have we women used that as an excuse for us to settle for less. I’m going to work on convincing myself that I’m worthy of the world of things he’s willing to do for me, with me and to me. And in that convincing, put into action all the things that I feel he deserves to have done for HIM, with HIM and to HIM.

As for now… his pedestal grows ever taller… I’m squinting to see him past the clouds. Us mere mortals sometimes don’t have the wherewithall to comprehend supermen…

But I’m gonna do my damnedest.



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