So this is Christmas

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So, this is Christmas

I didn’t expect this years Christmas to be bustling with excitement and happiness. Actually, I was quite ready for it to be just about as miserable as it is now. Although, my spirits remain high that next year’s Christmas will make up for the steady decline of Christmases that I’ve been experiencing for the last 3 years. Next year, my Christmas will be feted with my own immediate family (MY husband and MY baby on the way *fingers crossed*). No more Christmas with the Scrooges. Thankfully.

Well, this year, my father is in the hospital for Christmas. I can’t really put into words the apathy that I feel. Feeling it and recognizing it makes me feel like quite the monster. All I know is that I’m going to spend Christmas day in the hospital with my mom, my brother and dad laid up. I’m very grateful that the office gave us Tuesday off. Maybe I can be more festive then.

I await, with baited breath, December 25, 2007.



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