Note to Self

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Note to Self:

Dear 32 Yr Old Victoria,

Welcome!! All the previous years have been waiting and preparing for you. We never thought it would all happen in one year, but we know that you’ve always been ambitious so, it’s no real surprise.

This milestone… The making of this 33rd year in your life signifies so much. This is truly a new beginning. A new life awaits you just beyond this date. A new husband. A new home. The very real and welcomed possibility of motherhood. All the things we’ve prepared you for. Many years of schooling and life experience…. Years of mistakes and heartbreaks. Years of successes and disapointments have brought you right here. Right where we had always hoped to be. It’s scary… We know… But luckily, you’ve never let yourself be held prisoner by your fears (cept when it comes to bugs).

Year 23 remembers an important lesson – “Growth only happens when you are out of your comfort zone.” And you quickly took to a “get it over with” attitude that propels you forward. Year 13 taught you that not everyone will like or appreciate you and your personality, but as long as you did for your self… That’s all that mattered. Year 27 taught you to assess situations with more than just Passion… But with a modicam of practicality (that’s how you found real, true and lasting love) Year 24 taught you the art of introspection and shed the fear of listening to yourself and what was going on in your heart. Years 6 – 8 taught you to love the Lord, love the sky, love the sun endlessly and until the end of your days. Year 26 gave you the hint of cynicism that took the edge off of your ever present naivete without hardening you completley.

And now you’re ready. Welcome. We’re happy you made it.


Years 0 – 31.


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