A Girl Like Me

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A Girl Like Me

This video really affected me today. The content is disturbing looking at the generations of women that came before me and the ones that came behind… But the CRAZIEST feeling I had was one of hope…

Hope because I’d been tricked by the seizure-inducing, booty shaking, gum popping, pimp-admiring, ho-aspiring, be-the-one-to-suck-the-most-dicks aiming, chicken-noodle-souping female youth that they’ve innundated me with on Urban Radio Stations and BET and U Pick-a-Nigga Network… That perhaps we’d ALL lost our sense of self. Our sense of responsibility to try to understand our situations and better our selves. Hearing girl after girl after girl – not 20 yet – firstly articulate themselves with minimal explitives or “yo’m’shayn’s” AND put together some coshesive, intelligent stream of thought – WOW… they are still out there.

Hallelujah… I guess I shouldn’t give up just yet.



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