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“If it’s magic, then why can’t we make it everlasting
Like making sure we dress in style
Posing pictures with a smile…”
-Stevie Wonder, If It’s Magic

When I was in the business, there was a tape (motivational) I listened to about reasons to build the business, get free, yadda yadda. One of the reasons this particular speaker was giving was – so as not to be the recipient of “leftovers”.

Every morning he’d watch his wife get up, get showered, put on her best clothing… best makeup, prettiest heels, do up her hair and then… head off to work, where the boss would get the best of her all day for at least 8 hours. Then she would come home, a shadow of the person who walked out the door in the morning, throw on her sweats and flip flops, put her hair in rollers, slap some cold cream on and be with him for the remainder of the day. He decided he was gonna get off his butt and build the business because he didn’t want her bosses “leftovers”. He wanted to be the one for whom his wife prettied up and put effort into being beautiful for. Of course the story ends that they were successful in the business, made enough money for her to retire (and eventually him) and now he gets the top shelf when it comes to her.

I think it’s so important that your significant other gets the best you have to offer. Sure you get dolled up for special events when you head out together. But… how about for just simple stuff. Like… spending the day together wandering about? Shouldn’t you throw on your cute jeans and do your hair up pretty and be the best thing on his arm? Shouldn’t you shape up your cut, maybe dab on a little of her favorite cologne even if you’re gonna just lay there and sleep when you visit her? What’s the sense staying together if you’re not even gonna try to impress each other anymore?

I know that finally finding someone that you want to be with is the ultimate exhale, let your gut out, show all your faults and attempt to be comfortable with them AND this person. But… every now and again – just for no reason (not a wedding, not a ball, not a forum) … shouldn’t you give YOUR PERSON a glimpse of what they originally fell in love with – pull out all the stops and make them say “wow”?

Shouldn’t it be more than every now and again? Shouldn’t it be like…as often as you can?

I have this all backwards, don’t I?



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