Let it snow!

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Let it snow!

It’s really engrained in my biological signature.

Something about snow and me… *sigh*

I LOVE it. Nothing would make me happier than to live in Alaska or… or just maybe further up north or Canada where it snows often. Something about the blanket of silence that it lovingly wraps the city in is meserizing to me. It just insulates sound, and then of course… not a million folks are running around in the street… and for once – everything is quiet. At peace. Asleep. Then is my time to go out an play 😀 I used to love going into the snowstorm at night and just enjoying the pink glow of the street lamps on the snow and making fresh snowsteps where where were none. Not even throwing the snow balls AT anyone but throwing it up in the air and seeing the millions of ways the snow would twinkle to the ground. But most of all just sitting quietly IN the snow. It’s so tranquil and hypnotic to me. I looked out my window today and started cheesing like a crazy person. But knowing I can’t go out in it, because I have a wedding to go to today and I can’t ruin my hair. If it wasn’t for that though…

I’d run out in the snow and be there ALL DAY.



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