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There was absolutely NOTHING to today, and I loved it that way. My baby and I just laid around and watched TV and it was glorious. We didn’t have to rush anywhere or be at any function. It was just he and I and the bed and the tv. We barely spoke any words to each other. Just basking in the quietness of our company. He’s a pretty cool guy. I think the whole living my life with him thing is gonna work out pretty nice. I told him about the Incredibles. He seemed a little sad. But I think if we go see it together, we’ll be fine. I hate to disappoint him. He’s such a good friend (above all else).

And now I’m home and want to get ready to go to bed. I’m tired and I have a feeling that this week is gonna be something else. I think the smoke from Macanudos did a job on my throat. It is R-A-W. *sigh* I just hope that this feeling fades away.



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