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I thought this article (originally) from The Australian was GREAT…

It’s a miracle: mice regrow hearts

August 29, 2005 SCIENTISTS have created “miracle mice” that can regenerate amputated limbs or damaged vital organs, making them able to recover from injuries that would kill or permanently disable normal animals. And when cells from the test mouse are injected into ordinary mice, they too acquire the ability to regenerate, the US-based researchers say. The experimental animals are unique among mammals in their ability to regrow their heart, toes, joints and tail.Their discoveries raise the prospect that humans could one day be given the ability to regenerate lost or damaged organs, opening up a new era in medicine. Details of the research will be presented next week at a scientific conference on ageing titled Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence, at Cambridge University in Britain.


Then I shared it with my baby and he said… “Great development… they’ll probably find a way to use it for war.”

And I knew… he was right



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