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There is something to be said for acknowledging that you have a gift that you’d share with others. Because it stops you from really being able to do much else but display that gift. A few times, that genius finds a hard time living in the same body as sanity and thusly… the prodigies that WIL’ OUT. Their gift is undeniable, but the balance has to be them acting a fool. It makes me appreciate the artists that manage to be amazing… and keep their heads on this earth. While driving around Bedford Stuyvesant today looking at possible houses with my baby, we turned up the corner of a half street to look at one. We over shot it by a few meters… so we started to back up. When we cleared a white SUV that was now in front of us… a young man crossed the street and motioned to me as if to say, “Did you want this spot? Cause I’m getting out.” What came through most in his motion was just the niceness of it. Cause really… New Yorkers can suck REALLY BAD sometimes. I smiled and waved no to him. And my baby says, “Isn’t that the Gza?” “Nooo, ” I said when I craned my neck forward to get a better look. “Oh wow… that IS him.” The Gza… my favorite member of the Wu Tang Clan (ain’t nuttin’ to fuck wit’) was calmly and casually getting into a white SUV… not terribly blinged out and maybe could have even used a wash, right there on a typical Brooklyn street. “I respect that,” my baby said. Yeah… so do I. I mean who knows what he was doing, really… but he was just as regular as the rest of us, but manages to wield his gift with agility, somehow concoct poetry and prose with ghetto fabulous expressions of self. Witty, Unpredictable.

We’re having an Incredible night… meaning… he’s sleeping while I watch ALL the aspects of Discs one AND two of the Incredibles. *sigh* Typical Friday for the once socialest of butterflies. More waiting on what’s wrong with him. He went in for an MRI today. He’s on muscle relaxers and they’ve relaxed them all… even the one between his ears. So sleep is priority #1. I think I’ll join him.



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