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Show Me

“You word is love
but you push me away
and won’t say why
show me your exterior
i need to see your interior
i need to be
absolutely clear with ya
if we are to ever
stand a chance
it’s the last dance
don’t you see…
show me the warrior you’re gonna be….”
– Jill Scott

We’ve all been there. It’s hard to express how you feel sometimes. Or hard to decipher what someone else is feeling. Mostly because they won’t say it. And even if they do… sometimes, it’s not altogether the truth… or even the pure feeling. Actions have ALWAYS spoken louder than words. But it seems to be the feat of life to get the two to be inline. We strive though. Sometimes, we can’t help our actions… and words are so easy to manipulate and make sound beautiful and flowery… and almost every single word has a secondary and tertiary meaning in the case that you needed to flip it around a little. Honesty and frankness are almost frowned upon in this world. It’s amazing to see how it’s only allowed in confessionals in churches and reality shows. And it amuses us to see someone else “secretly” tell millions of watchers about the “truth” they were feeling at the time something happened. It’s always interesting to observe their body language and actions in comparison to what they SAY was going on. Usually… not in sync. I try to be as honest about what I’m feeling in the confines of society. A few guy friends mentioned to me that I may too frank. Too blunt. And that my baby is real tough for hearing the things that fly out of my mouth sometimes. But I’ve asked him. And he prefers my bluntness. That’s good. I don’t ever want to find out how to make my actions and words to unbalance.

I did just tell my baby that I was gonna start packing… and here I am. LMAO!!
*getting to packing*



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