Hurts Like Brand New Shoes

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Attesting to the wonders of Real Rhapsody, there is a wealth of songs available to me at any time so long as I’m in front of a computer that has an internet connection and the software on it. Sometimes I sit and remember an artist that although I indulge in their mainstream stuff on a daily basis, I think back to days (when I was about 12 or 13) when I would revel on the B sides of albums. (Quick refresher course for the kids: a “B” Side is referring to the days of Vinyl and Cassettes where if you wanted to hear more songs, you’d have to flip the record or tape over to the B-Side… and in the industry, typically songs on that side never really made it to airplay) I found some songs on a Sade B-side that I used to live for making my own music video for in my moms bedroom mirror. “Haunt Me” and “Pearls”. My overly dramatic side would enjoy the feigned ballet and modern dance skills that I would attempt to exhibit in the room as I choreographed my own dance sequence for the enjoyment of my alter-dimensional audience. I cued up Haunt me…

“Haunt me…. In my dreams…
If you please.
Your breath
Is with me now and always
It’s like a breeze.
So… if you ever doubt me –
You should never doubt me…
If it’s help that you need…
Never dare to doubt me.”

Ultimate submission – Sade is an EXPERT at that (or at least articulating it). I would sit in my half-empty dorm room (at the time cause my roommate was constantly at her boyfriends house)… turn off all the lights so that only the lights from the street below would make it half way across the room and the flickering of the equalizer on my radio were all I could really see… and the music… loud as I could put it just washed over the room. And I was totally at peace. I completely didn’t mind being alone as long as there was music.



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