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I’m counting many blessings today because I should.
I’m blessed with a family that loves me and cares for me despite what I may do.

I’m blessed with a mother that was hand picked from the angels and sent to me.

I’m blessed with a brother was not only NEVER antagonizing, but uplifting and quite possible the best friend I’ve ever had.

I’m blessed to have food in my mouth and a roof over my head.

I’m blessed with real friends like Max, Sug, Vernie, AP who are with me silently (or maybe no so… ;)) through thick and thin.

I’m blessed with having found a love and a friend in my baby who never tires of me, always supports me and inspires me still.

I’m blessed for having had the experiences in life that at the time may not have been so sweet, but were instrumental in making me realize the goodness of the little things I have.

I’m blessed for ever having known my granny.

I’m blessed for waking up this morning.

I’m blessed for good health (until a dr. tells me otherwise… ;))


With that said… I have to g work out in the rain taking many pictures of folks I don’t really like or care about, but it’s part of my job. So I’ve counted my blessings … and hope today isn’t so bad.



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