So F’d Up

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That’s what SFU (six feet under) is going to stand for for me from now on. Or at least in relation to THIS episode. Folks that know me know I don’t (more like can’t) really watch wound up stuff. Excessive violence, superflous gore or horridness. I like to say that I haven’t been desensitized by the world and still find that stuff to be hard to deal with. Others choose to call me a scaredy cat. Whatever. I’m me and that’s how I am. I stopped watching The Sopranos when they felt that they needed to have some kind of craziness in every epsiode. I don’t appreciate having to watch a whole show with my hands over my face in the “prepare to cover eyes” position. So I stopped watching. I don’t mind suspenseful…but like… old school Twilight Zone was cool. I love thought provoking. But SFU was always my opportunity to co-miserate with others who’ve lost a loved one. It helps me to not feel alone with these feelings I have about death. But this week’s episode was like… as Max put it… Watching a train wreck. My heart was in my throat the whole time and at one point, I had to LEAVE MY ROOM… because I didn’t have the wherewithall to change the channel I was so mortified. Usually I watch it a few times on the In Demand channel… but not this week. I will really NOT watch it… and be on the fence about watching the coming week’s episode.

The Daily Show never lets me down though… Jon Stewart RULES!!!!



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