Ping Pong

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Well, I’m sitting here on the Monday after Easter, in my pjs and not motivated to go ANYWHERE… especially not work. I’m supposed to be in there now, but I really don’t even care anymore. I almost wish they would fire me so I could collect severance and unemployment, etc etc etc. I need a … Read More


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I aimlessly spend my days and nights searching for attention. I just want someone to notice me…. To the point where if the little cat on my screen for my Office 2000 meows at me… I get happy. She smiles at me… and I feel like someone’s paying attention. I don’t need 24 hour watch… … Read More

Purgatory Cold

Categories: bad day, numb, why am i doing this again?

It’s gotten to the point where the memories don’t even make me so much as smile anymore. Memories of fond things I did with Sug and Max… sweet memories of loves past… barely even memories of my childhood running hot and cold. I look upon all of them with my minds eye and stare at … Read More

Homebound from Texas, Pt I

Categories: bad day, traveling, why am i doing this again?

It is now 1:52 PM and I’m stuck in this airport. I really want to go home. I can’t stand this. I feel really sick from last night’s festivities and my body is wreaking havoc on me. I just spoke with Jean and Shawn and they are on their own agendas (as if I should … Read More

Texas Shenanigans, Pt IIIa

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I just got back from the much anticipated Alpha party and much to my dismay it was wack. I really didn’t have a good time. All they did was stroll… just like every party. There were a lot of deltas at this party and they were rude and rowdy. I really grew a dislike for … Read More

Texas Shenanigans, Pt III

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Here I am… I spent the whole day in my room. With the exception of when I went to breakfast with the girls this morning. They took me to IHOP. I had taken them to dinner at Tony Roma’s yesterday. I woke up this morning feeling really sick… once again, I drank too much last … Read More

Texas Shenanigans – Pt II

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Okay… I gotta call down to NY and start hustling. I am running out of money and it’s starting to get a little hectic. I’m nervous because I might have to ask Jean. Which is frightening. I’m back… It is now 10:01 Dallas time and I’m waiting to find out what is going on tonight. … Read More

Texas Shenanigans

Categories: shenanigans, sorority stuffs, traveling

It took me two days to start writing again because I really haven’t had a minute for myself. I am here in my hotel room (which is pretty okay) and I’m on a “break”. And I put break in parentheses because this whole weekend is a break to me. As far as Boule is concerned, … Read More

Texas Bound

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Well, I’m on this plane on my way to Texas… the take off was a little shaky and had nervous for a second. But I guess since we reached 10,000 feet, I’ll be okay till we have to start touching down. I’m hoping this guy doesn’t try any of that hotshot shit that the pilot … Read More