Need I Say More?

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Need I Say More?

I was going to log in and do a detailed hour-by-hour of my time with my Nininne… and then I got this email:

I must tell you, I had the best time ever in a long time I am also very relaxed. It was a pleasure to have you this weekend. It reminded of when your mom & I were young & going around town with realy no fixed ideas where we were going in the street & end up with some great bargain or little places to eat.
And I say if those peoples you are working for are not paying you enough, or don’t appreciate you please search high & low until you find another job. I think you are great. You remind of the old me when I was in programming.
Love you

Oh man… that says it all. This weekend was FANTASTIC! And to have an idol tell you that you reminder of herself and one other of your idols (mommy)… You really can’t ask for more.



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