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So… The coveted update blog, because I’ve been negligent to blog when there is a computer around and the excuse that I’m away from one is all too convenient to make. Hence me downloading the WP app for BBerry that is directly connected to MY blog. So I can do this from anywhere. Therefore I’m on my train ride home getting a few keystrokes in while I can. (Never mind that it distracts me from the fact that NY subways are the nexus of grime and horribleness in this my ever growing OCD world.)

Baby Making

Seems to be the first thing folks ask me about these days so it’ll be the first thing I get out of the way. It seems that we are on-ramping for cycle 1 of the IVF treatments. They (the fertility clinic) currently has me taking 2 different types of heavy duty antibiotics to clear my system out from any harmful crap that might delay od derail the baby making; a horrid iron pill that repeats on me throughout the day with the most unpleasantness but is necessary because I’m anemic and my hemoglobin is way low; and finally birth control. Right – because they want my ovaries to rest. Remember when they taught us how birth control worked and what it’s purpose was ORIGINALLY? It prevented pregnancy because it tricked your body into believing that it already released an egg… Therefore, you didn’t actually release one. In the next few weeks they are going to pump me full of untold amounts of chemicals to get my ovaries to OVER produce eggs so they can extract a bunch of good ones for fertilization. So, the ovaries are being given a little 2 week vacay before that. So this cocktail of chems is swirling about my system, disturbing my natural systems – sleepless nights, no appetite , exhaustion and making me particularly moody. Those of you who know me know I barely take an aspirin for a headache. So this all is a touch unusual. All for the greater good I hope.

Earl and I were struck with an untoldl amt of giddy euphoria after the Dr.’s appointment last Saturday. He, because he read the beginning of us taking the meds and scheduling future appointments as the beginning of us making my family. Me, because when the Dr. looked at my ovaries on the sonogram he said “they look good”. A year ago when Dr. K looked at the same ovaries, he said “you’re a lucky woman that your right ovary is still functioning. Because the left on is almost completely destroyed.”. What a difference a year makes. He promised me he’d reconstruct my ovaries and do “plastic surgery” on my uterus. He’s definitely kept both promises. So we go for the apt to begin the Lupron (which I haven’t figured out what that does in the grand scheme of IVF yet – i know what it was for when I was researching options to shrink my fibroids) in 2 full weeks from today. I am speaking and breathing positivity and possibility into my dreams despite my overwhelming desire to be “realistic” (read: brace for the worst).

Work and the Pursuit of Progress

Work. Yep. Necessary evil. I regularly wish that in my next life I’ll emerge independently wealthy. A few bright lights have gone on in the long tunnel of recession. There are rumblings of our company going private (again). But it may actually happen this time. The company has begun matching our 401K contributions again and – oh yeah – I got a promotion :). I am now a Director in the digital space over all three properties and they gave me a pinch more money. It’s not enough for me to be like – ooh, let’s buy a house, but it replenishes a touch of what’s been taken from us over the years. So I guess good things. I’m still looking to expand and improve the Victoria brand, so more me-controlled progress soon to come.

Sorority Life (not the fb game)

I’m the Secretary of my chapter now – it means big things – I’ve moved up in the ranks and I think I feel myself becoming a better leader. On a regional level, there are some things afoot, but I’m not entirely sure I can announce them yet. I am going to Boule this year – first time since Florida (as a registered participant) and also, I’ll be a delegate! That served the dual purpose of being a responsible team player in the chapter as well as a cost cutting measure *smile*. I’m in a good place with my sorority… I’m having fun, I feel like I’m making a difference and I enjoy my many interactions with my sisters.

Well, that’s a good hefty update. More regular ones to come ?



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