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So the name of the game to achieve balance. But not day to day balance – lifelong. If you can look at the 30000 ft view and observe balance in all and over all, then you should be alright. And in that it means that just about half of the time you sgould be absolutley miserable, lonely, unloved, uninspired, ugly, undesireable, devoid of emotion, unexcited or unexciteable, depressed, sad, and overall a wreck. The upside is that the other half of the time you are undeniably gorgeous, sought after, adored, blissful, fulfilled, sexy, intense, romantic, in ecstacy, joyful, overwhelmed with excitement and overall the absolute best you can be.

Sometimes we can’t see it or choose not to because we want all days to be blissful. We want all experinences to be exciting and enchanting. But the suck ass experinces make us appreciate the beauty of the just ok stuff… After suck ass… Just ok can be a blessing.

I’ve been thinking about the progression of relationships in my life a lot lately. They almost all go just about the same and it’s probably standard for everyone. The beginning is awesome. You both put your best efforts forward. Best game, best suits, best dress, nicest smile, funniest stories, cutest “dating tricks” (i call them that – you always want to be the one who took them to something or somewhere no one else thought of). Most phone calls – first in the morning… Last at night… The one or two calls that started at 9 and didn’t end till the sun came up. Always cleaning and making sure that your stuff is “presentable”. Gift buying, note writing, fun trip taking. Everything seems so perfect… In the beginning.

Then time takes hold and the jokes aren’t as funny. And maybe this is the 3rd time you’ve heard this story. And sweats are ok to wear on dates and phone calls get shorter and shorter. Butterflies stop popping up in your tummy and goosebumps are much harder to come by. And being with that person is just the standard and not extraordinary.

But when you look at it overall – it’s balanced. Half of the great. Half of the suckass. And I guess 50/50 isn’t that bad.



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