Know When to Hold’em

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Know When to Hold’em
Today was a good with the bad day. A little of both. Woke up this morning on time(good), prepared the bathroom to be retiled (can’t call it – it alarmed me because why do they suddenly care after 26 years — sounds like co-op / condo renovations to me because all of the sudden they need to find this leak, when years ago, the whole ceiling could have crashed in on us and it wouldn’t have mattered to them), got my arse up out of the house and got to work before most (Good) to realize my boss is out until the 3rd of January (Good). Got a little work done (Good) and then trekked to FAO Shwartz to have some great hot chocolate and a pure sugar cupcake (Good / Bad). Then came back, got refocused (Good) and got a SLEW of phone calls (Bad) but were all from people I love and missed (Great) – but it made it so that I’m still at work at 9:49 PM (Bad) but my sweet baby is picking me up (AWESOME).


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