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Okay… so it’s been a 3 blog day. You know what that means. I just couldn’t relate. I couldn’t relate… I had to get in there and mix it up… *Sigh* I LOVE that little cartoon. For those that are clueless, please watch this film: StrongBad Email (gotta watch it through to the end). I was told this was techie humor… but it’s really just for silly people. Hence… why I love them so much *sigh*

Anyways… tri-blog means that I couldn’t deal. And when I can’t deal, it’s always best to let Superman handle the job. And he did. Scooped me up from work, took me to a stupid movie… we laughed at it and each other and talked about the future and whether or not we want the kids to have bunk beds… which brought back great memories of my childhood. He took me to get some zinc drops for the stupid tickle in my throat… and dropped me off at my doorstep. Kissed my boo boo and made it better. It’s what he does. *Sigh* (that was a good one).

So now I’m home with… 5 IM windows open (EGADS!) which is like… totally 1999 of me. And also, the opposite of the famine I was experiencing earlier this week. I guess I’ll bask in it while it’s here. Good update: my design skill is getting honed in on a little. Just a tad sleeker… K-dot has complimented me TWICE in as many weeks. It’s HUGE to be validated by a mentor. It’s a shame I didn’t use him more. He’s a wealth of knowledge. Now if we can just get the right cocktail mix of Ritalin, Percocet, Lithium, and Claritin… he might be happy 😀 LMAO!!! (I know you’re reading K… just joking… sort of….)

Okay… off to chat a while longer before I make myself go to sleep.



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