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So they got Aristide out… however it actually happened. Whether he fled or he was “kidnapped” as he now claims he was (by America, no less), he’s out. And now the rebels think that they accomplished something. I asked my mom how she feels about it. She said… “Well… how would you feel if after Sept. 11th, we allowed Al Quaida to come in and take over the country? What he did has encouraged rebellion. He’s an elected president… he should have been able to stay his term.” So much sense. Such clarity she always offers me. How much they pull the wool over our heads though… because Lord knows… I see enough pictures of smiling sambo-like jubilant Haitians in the streets of Haiti… with a caption stating “Aristide flees Haiti for his life. Seeks asylum elsewhere.” Painting a picture like we didn’t want him there. When I know that’s not the case. How far we’ve fallen from being the first to liberate ourselves. We’ve managed to empower our selves in our own undoing.

Devin started his first day at school today… So proud. Look:

The joys.

I usually have so much swirling around in my head on a daily basis and I think to myself…. I’m going to blog so much when I get home… Then I fall asleep. I’ll do better.

It’s Lent. I’m giving up forcing myself to over achieve. Is that backwards?



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